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GSMT GrafSound
Pre-sales Price ≈
0.3 USDT

Rate of progress

GrafSound Ecosystem Our ecosystem consisting of 3 core components, the token, the token holders and the app; is complemented by discounted co-live and co-work spaces on our platform.

* ALGERIA,BANGLADESH... users are not allowed to participate
GSMT Exchange
Full Name
Session Supply
Total Supply
7,000,000,000 GSMT
IEO Ratio
0.3 USDT = 1 GSMT
IEO Softcap
1,000,000 USD
IEO Hardcap
3,000,000 USD
IEO Start Time
2020–08-19 ( 19th)
IEO End Time
Referral Reward
Project Introduction
* Project Introduction:

“ Capture all the sounds of the world ” The birth of a different level of music service.

1. Graf Sound, serving all sounds on Earth - GRAFSOUND is a service name that implicitly branded the name of Edison's phonograph Phone Grapho with the meaning of 'wave'. GRAFSOUND serves music from all genres all over the world and provides not only music, but all the sounds of the world heard in nature and in everyday life.

2. Anyone can be a creator - Even if you're not an artist, you can record every sound in the world you want to capture. You can also share it, or make continuous profits through direct sales to companies or individuals around the world.

3. Block Chain Technology Application - The most rational and effective area of applying blockchain technology is the management of intellectual property rights. Graf Sound is an online music service platform based on blockchain technology and supports fair opportunities, transparent settlement, and an efficient creative environment for everyone by improving copyright issues for music. GRAFSOUND protects the rights of creators and prevents the damage to the value of works due to the improvement and duplication of irrational distribution structure in the middle distribution stage. In addition, the value created through creative and consumer activities is linked to the re-creation of other content, creating a virtuous cycle of a self-sustaining music economy that leads directly to the creation of users' profits.

4. Sharing, Rewarding, Participating and Profit Activities - Become a fan of artists and share their music and sounds with others without restrictions and receive rewards for their sales contributions if direct deals are made. This is effective for securing users of Graf Sound, and activates the transaction of contents and creates an active distribution structure. In addition, users can participate in the production of content through direct sponsorship, obtain rights or rewards based on the results, and support a system that allows users to generate profits through personal content activities.

5. Real-world token economy implementation - GSMT provides an innovative payment system for individuals and individuals anywhere in the world to easily trade content. GRAFSOUND can continue to build popular and accessible platform services, promote token trading, and expand the platform services to settle a real token economy.

6. GSMT - Artists register content on the platform, and listeners can use GRAF Token (GSMT) to streaming without advertisement or buy their favorite hit songs in high quality. In addition, you can use GRAF Token (GSMT) for a variety of services such as shopping malls and performance tickets. At GRAF SOUND, you can use GRAF Token (GSMT) to check the album or music information of numerous artists around the world and to become a fan and support them. You can participate in the production using GRAF Token (GSMT). GRAF Token (GSMT) can be purchased via cash or credit card, and can be converted back into cash at any time.

7. GRAFSOUND SERVICE - Free Streaming Service High quality music streaming service It's free! Let's enjoy music and video from all over the world Music and Sound Service Providing all sounds on earth Register any sound! Now I am an artist, too.

Various Platform Service Offering various platform Let me know and enjoy Provide various services

Various incidental service functions

Sound sampling market Earn money by sharing and selling the sound source developed by the artist or all the sounds around you

Artist Open Market Promote independent music marketer pages for artists, sell albums, and manage fans

1 person broadcast MCN (Radio) A broadcast channel in which User plays music and communicates with his fans and is sponsored by GSMT.

Audition Information and Competition O2O Audition DApp Held profile activity support services and audition competitions

Ticket reservation Domestic and foreign performances Concert information and Ticket pre-sale service

Premium MD GOODS Shopping With various product sales MD goods of artist Offer sales opportunities

Creative activity Crowdfunding Boost the value of creation by supporting artist creation activities through sponsorship and investment of listeners

Voting System Organize various awards and provide voting opportunities to listeners.


Support service by categorizing into guest member and host member

Artist (Host)

GRAF SOUND provides artists with a separate open market music account to help them create and promote. This allows artists to promote themselves, register their music freely, and set the price they want to maintain for each song. In addition, they can easily check all management information about music source management and profit activity transactions


Listeners can easily enjoy all the information of their favorite artist's albums, videos, photos…and share the artist's account with other fans. Streaming is free, but you need to purchase GSMT (Token) for other services.

* Project highlight:


Graf Sound offers a free streaming music service. Grafsound's main source of revenue is advertising fees, and users have to pay to listen to music without ads. In addition, it also generates other profits through diverse side services (DApp). GrafSound's app is planned to provide a variety of services such as personal broadcast (Mcn), crowdfunding, Goods shopping center, audition, social networking (SNS), voting, ticket sales, etc. These features will help secure resources for Grafsound's service activities, besides, they also contribute to boosting the token ecosystem of GSMT.

Our goal is to enhance the value of GSMT and continually expand the ecosystem of GSMT tokens through this application.

GrafSound is not only planned for the purpose of music but also the desire to 'contain all the sounds in the world'. People can register and sell all sounds on earth freely through GRAFSOUND. This is the model that anyone can become creative. For example, you open the app, record your friends' laughter and register to use the app's sound effects function. Through the app, you can sell the sound you just recorded to those who need it. Everyone must know YouTube and Tik Tok. And when creating a Video, we always need diverse music and sound effects. So, we created a service that made it possible for people to register and sell all the sounds on earth that came from this need. In addition, artists will be provided with tools to support creative activities and purchase for free. Artists can post and sell their music through their accounts. In addition, they can also sell their favorite items. Besides, before the official launch of the GRAFSOUND app, we have launched the GRAFSOUND.TV service, so everyone can try it out now. Through the website, people can enjoy all the music in this world for free.The update speed of GRAFSOUND is quite fast and we believe you will be satisfied with it. We will give users a different experience than what they have ever experienced before.

We have created a team ready to work and develop with famous singers and artists in Vietnam. We will take advantage of this as we conduct our marketing and promotion campaigns in Vietnam. Grafsound is the first service to be launched in Vietnam.

We know that the biggest problem in the Vietnamese music market is copyright.

Although our intentions have been somewhat delayed due to Corona, we have contacted and are in the process of discussing with Vietnamese music copyright center on suggestions to improve copyright issues in Vietnam.

Currently, Vietnamese music websites are operating with illegal digital distribution structure. This is the biggest obstacle to the development of the Vietnamese music market. We have applied blockchain technology in digital music registration, distribution and payment of usage fees. As you know, blockchain technology is an advanced technology in the field of intellectual property rights as well as copyrights.

Graf Sound is currently in development and will be released in December. In addition, we have developed and tested GrafSound TV,

which works with GrafSound. Currently, you can experience right away.

* Project Strength:

Can you give me 3 reasons why investor should invest Grafsound for long-term ?

First, GSMT forms a realistic token economy. In addition to the GRAF SOUND music service, the use of tokens will increase with the expansion of the popular DApp service and its value will increase even more. Secondly, We will not proceed to sell large quantities of tokens like other blockchain projects. If a lot of tokens are distributed via the presale, it is difficult to protect the market price and it will not get a quick response to the token after listing as on the exchange. Eventually, the price of the token will decline rapidly. We will only raise the minimum amount needed to operate the GrafSound service with the GSMT token. For this purpose, the terms and conditions of the IEO we intend to conduct will be very beneficial for investors. For that reason, the sale volume after listing will be extremely small, so we will be able to steadily increase the token price. Third, for GSMT to continuously increase the value of the token in a stable way, GrafSound's service must be stable. Me and the members of our team are professional artists who have been active in the music industry for a long time in Korea. We are composers and singers. * Common Links : Website Link: Telegram Group: Facebook Link: GRAFSOUND GRAF TV YouTube: GRAFSOUND GRAFSOUND Music Token GSMT TVC: Chinese: English: Vietnamese: Korean: Newspaper: Medium Link: *Bonus program:

After the end of IEO, GRAFSOUND will additionally pay GSMT to buyers through 'My Star Wallet'. Bonus is 20% of purchase in GSMT. There is a lock-up of 2 months and an additional 20% of the total purchase quantity will be paid.

Details on My Star Wallet:


* The GrafSound/Coin purchased by IEO is non-refundable and cannot be changed or cancelled. Please check carefully before purchasing.

* The GrafSound/Coin release time will follow the schedule to be announced on the twitter website.

* The bonus amount will be locked for 30 days after the listing.

* Users from the following countries are not allowed to participate:

China, Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Guyana, Iraq, Laos, Syria, Uganda, Vanuatu, Yemen, Iran, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Myanmar, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Macedonia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Pakistan, Algeria, Morocco

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